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Midland Heart Case Study

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Mohammad is currently doing a customer service apprenticeship at Midland Heart. Being 18, he chose to do an apprenticeship because he found that the subjects he wanted to study at University didn’t lead to a job, so instead he applied for a HR apprenticeship, which he wasn’t successful in however he didn’t give up, applying for others. At Midland Heart he is supported by the other staff there, allowing him to grow and learn, once he’s complained his apprenticeship he wants to get a full-time contract with Midland Heart, then work his way up to a management role.

John Moran is currently completing Midland Heart’s Property Care service apprenticeship. When asked why he's doing an apprenticeship, “It’s been a brilliant experience. It has taught me so much, in terms of home improvement I had no real experience, but now I have tried plumbing, carpentry, tiling, bricklaying, ground work, every aspect of the trade. This stuff is invaluable, and I use these things on a daily basis.”


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