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Meet the Members - Ruth Forster

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

I left school at 16 with the world at my feet but no idea what to do! Not a natural learner, academia was not for me at that time. I was offered a YTS (Youth Training Scheme) within general administration and once that was complete I fell into the world of recruitment, quickly I loved it and I have done ever since. I learnt as I worked, staring in administration then into consultancy progressing to managing a branch. Finally, I took the leap and set up Wagstaff Recruitment in 2010. I have now returned to education with a post-grad course at Warwick University in Career Development and Coaching, hoping to convert this into a MA.

For me I feel apprenticeships offer a great mix, balancing learning and earning. They allow you to be part of a business and industry, and give an opportunity for people to find a job and career that they can love.

At Wagstaff, we employ one apprentice at a time and are currently a team of 10, employing a variety of skills and experience. Having an apprentice enables the experienced team to learn from the next generation about new technology, work culture and personal drivers, and for apprentices it gives them the opportunity to explore the world of recruitment whilst working in a business, continuing with education and earning a salary.

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