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Meet the Members - Charlotte Sutton

For 5 years the Trust have taken on apprentices in Health Care and Business Administration and since the LEVY we have been able to fund apprentices in lots of other qualifications. We are thrilled to be one of the Trusts that employ a high number of apprentices with disabilities.

This is very important to us especially as we are a learning disability Trust and feel they make our work force more diverse.

Apprentices bring so much to the work force with their own fresh look at the world of work and on how we do things. We have large staff shortages within the NHS so we feel employing apprentices will not only fill this gap but also ensure we can grow our own.

I enjoy being an Ambassador as it gives me chance to meet likeminded people, share good practice and find out what’s happening in the commercial world as you can get a little bit wrapped in the NHS world.


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