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Christopher Norman

Digital Solutions Apprentice

Email Address:
Phone Number:
01782 294291

What is your job?

I am a Digital Solutions Software Engineer Apprentice​ at Staffordshire University. My job is to help support and develop applications throughout the university​. These include our virtual learning environment and student record system. 

How did you become an apprentice?

I submitted a form on​ website. The next day I was told I had an interview.

Why do you think apprenticeships are great?

  • Pay

  • Free qualification

  • Work experience

  • Travel

  • Independence

What advice would you give to others?

Consider ALL options. Don’t just apply for one thing​.​ Apply for everything and anything.​ There’s no reason you can’t apply for a number of things​. 


Do some research into potential option. Go to and see what there is – you might surprise yourself.​


Get some work experience. One of the main reasons I got my apprenticeship​ was because I had experience working at McDonalds.


Be original! Don’t follow the crowd​.


Be brave!​ Don’t be afraid to apply – the worst thing that can happen is they say no.

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